Advanced Paddler

Advanced Canoeing Far NorthFar North Paddling Guide POPULAR

Paddling the Nunavut and the Northwest Territories in Canada is one of the ultimate goals for a paddler…


Advanced Canoeing Feature Stories

More Feature Stories

Check out more stories highlighting advanced paddlers and far north canoe trips …


Clubs and OrganizationsAdvanced Canoeing

Looking for a club to join? Seeking other paddling enthusiasts in your area? Check out the ultimate list…


Advanced Canoeing Books

Advanced Canoeing Books & Media

Books on Advanced Paddling Skills, Canoe Traditions, Canoe Building & Paddle Making, Adventure, History…


Advanced Canoeing Classes and Workshops

Looking to expand your canoeing skills? Build your own canoe, meet other paddlers, or just find an excuse to get out on the water…


Advanced Canoeing Trip Logs

Canoe Trip Logs

Avid paddlers share their stories of canoe trips from easy daytrip to challenging routes …


Canoeing VideosAdvanced Canoeing Videos

See our featured canoeing videos. Top picks for how-to paddle, trip tips, manufacturer/product demos, and videos that are just plain fun…


Message Board/Forums

Join other paddlers and discuss favorite routes, gear, paddling tips …
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