The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Next Canoeing Adventure

Plan a dream Canoe Trip, explore the places you love, and find new places to paddle with the most complete guide to paddling destinations, outfitters, guides, lodging, restaurants, shopping, sight-seeing and more!


Canoe Trips MN Canoeing Minnesota


Canoeing Michigan


Michigan boasts an impressive amount of Great Lakes shoreline, but besides Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and Lake Superior, there are rivers and lakes in every part of the state that invite exploring. Plan a canoe trip to:

Canoeing Wisconsin


Wisconsin is made up of rolling hills in the South and hardwood forests in the North, cut through with hundreds of Rivers & Streams

Canoeing Ontario

Western Ontario

Canoeing Manitoba

Eastern Manitoba

Far North Canoe Trips

Far North Canoeing

Plan a canoe trip to: the sub-arctic regions and rivers of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec that flow into Hudson Bay as well as the arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, Labrador and Baffin Island. Everything north of the 60° parallel is far north and consider the arctic tundra.
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