Beginner’s Guide

Planning your first canoe trip? Wondering about all of the terminology, different canoes, wondering whether to use an outfitter or buy your own gear? Start here:

Canoeing How-To

A great place to start if you need a grounding in the basics…


Trip Planning

You’ve decided to take your paddling to the next level with an overnight canoe trip, but what will you bring, where will you go?


More Feature Stories

Check out articles focused on new paddlers, skill-building, paddling with kids and more…


Canoeing Terminology

Which is the stern seat and which is the bow? Do you need to know a canoe’s freeboard, and what are thwarts anyway?


Canoeing Classes and Workshops

Looking to expand your canoeing skills, meet other paddlers or find another excuse to get out on the water? Classes and workshops are a great way to learn together…

Canoe Camps for Kids

Are you looking for a camp that features canoeing and outdoor activities?


Canoeing Books & Media

Books on Beginning Paddling Skills, How-to, Destinations, Trip Planning…


Canoe Trip Logs

Avid paddlers share their stories of canoe trips from easy daytrips to challenging routes …


Message Board/Forums

Join other paddlers and discuss favorite routes, gear, paddling tips …
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