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Length: 15'    Materials: Royalex®, Tuf-weave® Flex-Core, Flex-Core w/Kevlar®
Designed especially to maneuver easily, carry ample gear and run dry through lesser whitewater, such as rapids and riffles that are common on small ...


Length: 15′   Materials: Tuf-weave® Flex-Core, Flex-Core w/Kevlar®, Ultra-light w/Kevlar®
The Heron is a compact, maneuverable tandem canoe that answers all requests. It's the smallest tandem canoe in our General Touring family. ...


Length: 15'   Materials: Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Ultralight
The MacKenzie Sport 15 offers a stable hull design appreciated by hunters & fishermen.


Length: 15' 1"   Materials: Fiberglass, Kevlar®
A slalom racing, river running canoe with a flattish shallow arch like the Howler. Faster, with more control. It's also extremely dry paddled solo.

Length: 15' 2"   Materials: Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Expedition
In the Prospector 15 you can do anything, go anywhere. With one of the most versatile classic hull designs available, this canoe can be paddled solo or tandem. With ...


Length: 15' 3"   Materials: Wood Canvas
A smooth riding, stable, efficient hull, it needs only a 3 or 4 horsepower outboard to get fishermen or pleasure boaters to where they want to go (the hull will certainly take a larger motor if ...


Length: 15' 4.5"   Material: Thermoformed Polyethylene
The Rogue River 154 delivers versatility and affordability in one smartly designed canoe. It sports a square stern hull giving you the option to mount a motor when you need to. ...


Length: 15' 6"   Material: T-Formex
The Heron is a multi-purpose canoe perfectly adapted to fishing and hunting activities. Light, stable and quiet, it offers great load capacity. Its design allows it to be used with or without a ...

Length: 15′ 8"   Material: Royalex®
The Ouzel 15-8 is a true all-around canoe. It serves the needs of the solo sportsman and can take a family on lengthy camping trips. It's a formidable whitewater boat and outperforms most other canoes under ...

Length: 15′ 9″    Materials: Duralite, Kevlar, Duratuff
The Scout is the perfect solo canoe as well as being a responsive, compact tandem canoe. Designed to turn quickly and handle large waves, the Scout performs well on the river. Its ...

Length: 15′ 10"   Material: Fiberglass, TuffStuff, TuffStuff Expedition, Aramid Lite, Blue Steel
Our version is based on the Chestnut original with some improvements to increase speed and sea worthiness. It is ideally suited as a tandem ...

Length: 15' 11"   Material: T-Formex
First born of the Esquif family, the Presage is distinguished by its maneuverability, its lightness and its durability on lakes and rivers. The most versatile of our models, it is suitable for ...

Length: 15' 11"   Material: T-Formex
The Prospecteur is a classic design. The Esquif Prospecteur is based on the long-used canoe by the First Nations People using today’s materials and building technologies. Its arched bottom meets ...

Length: 15′ 11"   Material: Royalex®
Fast and sleek with advanced styling, the Nova 16 has one of the sharpest and most efficient entry lines of any Royalex canoe. With accent lines molded under the deck and clean lines this canoe is one of our ...

Length: 16'   Material: Twin-Tex
This canoe has good flat-water speed yet handles predictably in all conditions. At 16’ it has length for tracking and moderate rocker at the ends; this makes for a very efficient tracking canoe yet ...

Length: 16'   Material: Fiberglass
DryFloat design increases comfort and stability, Fishing Package includes integral seats, rod holders and dry well storage.

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