The Ultimate Guide to Canoeing Gear

Portage Packs

The ultimate guide to traditional envelope, rectangle, or box-style portage packs, dry bags, barrels and hard-shell boxes for paddlers…

Shop Canoeing Gear Whitewater

Whitewater Canoe Accessories

Whitewater accessories enhance canoe buoyancy, maneuverability, improve safety and stability, and can facilitate rescue…

Shop Canoeing Gear Tents

Tents and Tarps

Canoeing tents should be durable and lightweight, able to withstand the rigors of the trail and easy to portage. Learn more About Tents

Sleeping Bags

A canoeist’s sleeping bag needs to be lightweight, compressible, and able to withstand a little water, learn About Sleeping Bags….

Canoe Gear

Some of the necessities that should be on your checklist include: Anchor Bags, Repair Kits, Yokes, Thwart/Bow Bags and more…

Freeze Dried Camping Food

Dehydrated Foods

From vegan thai dishes to hearty beef stroganoff – a variety of freeze-dried meals that only require water to prepare…
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