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Materials: Aluminum, High-impact Plastic
The shaft is made of super-strong, lightweight, silver anodized aluminum that extends fully into the High-impact Plastic blade's length for internal reinforcement. Each shaft is partially clad around normal hand ...


Materials: Carbon Fiber
This is the weapon for the most demanding canoe paddler. Combining fiberglass rope edges, aluminum tip, and a wooden core, this paddle delivers the performance you demand with the durability you expect. This paddle has been used in more ...

Material: Wood
Our most versatile, best-selling paddle named after the famous River in our backyard. At home in every kind of water it will take you anywhere you need to go. The 6 ½ inch beavertail blade provides excellent propulsion with minimum effort. A ...


Material: Wood
A different grip on our classic Penobscot paddle. Slightly wider and squared with side shoulders, the 1897 provides for both a top and a side grip. Changing grip positions allows for both different strokes and less fatigue.


Material: Wood
Style: Traditional Beavertail. Newly designed in 2014, this paddle still has a deep and wide blade with lots of surface area to move large amounts of water while running deep enough to be an effective rudder. Great for prying strokes.

Material: Wood
Style: Modified Ottertail. A very effective and popular canoe tripping paddle based on Badger's "slicy" modified ottertails. A hybrid paddle, we have taken our favourite aspects from the original BadgerPaw and tripper designs and combined them ...

Material: Wood
Our traditional hunting and fishing paddle. Patterned after the Cree and Ojibwa hunting paddles, the leading edge of the diamond shaped blade cuts effortlessly through the water. Very quiet and well suited to always keeping the blade in the water.


Material: Wood
When you need to move water. The Maine Guide blade is 8 ½ inches wide and intended for strong paddlers. Used by guides to move their sports and Maine Wardens to check up on them. Provides excellent maneuverability and a lot of power. The elongated ...


Material: Wood
A larger paddle filling the gap between our Penobscot and our Maine guide. Designed by a Maine guide to maneuver Grand Laker canoes when flyfishing. The 7 ½ inch blade moves a lot of water, but not so much to be taxing. Only offered in hardwoods ...


Material: Wood
Style: Modified Ottertail. Long an thin, much like a sliver, this versatile paddle is great for soloing, style paddling or tandem tripping. Great for those who have a tendency towards underwater recovery strokes.

Materials: Wood, Carbon
The combination of high tech carbon fiber with a lightweight cedar create the most advanced flatwater touring paddle ever. The blades are carbon fiber laminated over a cedar core and the shaft is laminations of cedar and ash for lightweight ...

Material: Wood
The Northstar is designed for canoeing on open flat water such as lakes, river, and streams. A very solid paddle that has reinforcing in the tip to protect it from rocky or shallow water. This is a good choice for all around open boat paddling on ...

Material: Wood
Great for easy paddling This lightweight, laminated, basswood paddle features a urethane tip guard at one end and a hand-contoured grip at the other. An ergonomically designed shaft and classic 8" beaver tail blade shape combine for easy paddling.


Material: Wood
The Sawyer Voyager Canoe Paddle is a pleasure to behold, and if you get your hands on one, you'll feel the water as never before. Simply the finest paddling blade crafted of laminated Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir wood. The blade is ...


Materials: Wood, Fiberglass
Expeditionary paddlers who need endurance, power, and control in their canoe paddle will love the Expedition Plus’ power T-grip and its Rockgard® edge protection that extends all the way from the blade tip to 6 inches up the shaft. This ...


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