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Length: 18'6"     Materials: Ultra-light w/Kevlar®, Graphite Ultra-light
Leading pro paddlers use the V1-Pro for its speed and ability to maintain and keep a "pop" in shallow water. Pro boats are usually fully or partially decked ...


Length: 18'6"     Materials: Ultra-light w/Kevlar®, Graphite Ultra-light
For many mixed teams, adult / youth paddlers, and teams of different sizes, the difference between a good canoe and the right canoe is the difference between ...


Length: 18'6"  Gene Jensen designed the V1-A hull to copy the performance characteristics of his very successful V1-Pro Boat, while meeting the USCA boat specifications. The result is a very fast cruiser that handles trash water with ease and “pops” almost effortlessly. ...


Length: 18'6"  The JD Pro 2 is the new version of the original JD Pro. This new version of the JD Pro has been modified to go through wakes easier, ride wakes better, and is a just a bit faster overall. The JD Pro 2 is a pro marathon racing canoe. Materials: ...


Length: 18'6" Winner of the General Clinton, Swainigan, and AuSable Marathon, paddled and designed by Serge Corbin. One of the fastest pro boat designs available. The Corbin is less stable and maneuverable then the JD Pro. Materials: Carbon/Kevlar, Light Carbon/Kevlar, ...


Length: 18' 6" The MacKenzie is great for fishermen and hunters who require a canoe to carry large loads and offers excellent stability and performance. Materials: Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Ultralight


Length: 18′ 6″ The length and freeboard of the Sea Clipper make it ideal for large lakes and ocean touring. Materials: Fiberglass/Foam Core, Kevlar®, Ultralight


Length: 18'6" The V-1 is generally the first choice of experienced paddlers who weigh 180 lbs or less. Materials:  Pro Boat Layup


Length: 18'6" The P-3 performs better in rougher water and is suitable for paddler who weigh over 180 lbs. Materials: Pro Boat Layup


Length: 18' 6" Materials: Kevlar®, Carbon-Tec
Not only does the Quetico 18.5 allow for high capacity loading, but it retains amazing stability and handling characteristics.  Even when heavily loaded, this canoe is easy to paddle.  When it ...

Length 18'6" the most powerful horse in Easy Rider's stable of open canoes, is unmatched by any other Royalex® canoe. While 17 feet is a standard length for open canoes, when you are paddling the open choppy waters of Puget Sound on a blustery day, the Raven ...

Length: 18’ 6” The Susquehanna has a narrower water line than the Blackhawk and is 6" longer in length, making it a great cruising canoe that is a joy to paddle, while still being very stable. With a total weight as low as 34 lb., this 18' 6" canoe can be handled ...


Length: 18’ 8” The Cruiser is a high volume tripping canoe built for packing large payloads. It is fast, stable and designed to hold up to 3 or 4 people plus gear. The dramatically flared deep bow allows it to smash through waves and remain dry. This is an excellent ...

Length 19' This ultimate expedition canoe hauls amazing loads, yet is easy to handle. The Itasca is a tandem performance touring canoe that's built to carry expedition gear through wind and waves. This long, seaworthy hull tracks superbly, carries loads and ...


Length: 20' At 20 feet in length the Tripper XL is the longest canoe in our portfolio. It also boasts one of the highest load capacities. Designed to meet the exacting requirements for backcountry expeditions, the Tripper XL is a true workhorse. Exceptional stability ...


Length: 20' Inspired by one of world’s best salmon rivers, the Miramichi is the ultimate expedition canoe. The Miramichi is fast, stable and has a huge payload capacity. It’s tough Royalex hull is durable and virtually maintenance free, and with a length of 20 feet, ...

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