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Length: 17'    Material: Expedition Kevlar, Kevlar Fusion, Carbon FusionFiberglass
Refined from its original design with narrower paddling stations, a sleeker hull shape, lowered seat positions, and differential rocker, the Keewaydin ...

Length: 17'    Material: Fiberglass
A versatile touring canoe for all-around use. It's stable, maneuverable, tracks well, and paddles easily.


Length: 17'    Materials: Royalex® ABS
Stability is top priority for family canoeing. And our Ouzel 17 has earned the reputation of being the "best choice". This extra-stable workhorse provides ample room for children, camping ...

Length: 17'    Materials: Kevlar®/Graphite
Multi-Use Craft: Rowing, Paddling, Sailing - Featherweight Kevlar/Graphite Construction Heron 17 R is also a highly popular tripping canoe... Whether you want a canoe for day tripping, ...

Length: 17'   Material: Aluminum
The Canoe that made Osagian famous. The best all-around choice for entry- and intermediate- level canoeists in a wide variety of applications. Honest, true-tracking, almost unconscious performance - ...


Length: 17'   Material: Aluminum
Double End .050 Lightweight


Length: 17'   Materials: Royalex, Royalite
The Nova 17 is a fast, lightweight, wilderness tripping/touring canoe or a recreational canoe for those who prefer a longer canoe. The same fine characteristics of the Nova 16 only in a ...

Length: 17'   Materials: TuffStuff, TuffStuff Expedition, Aramid Lite, Blue Steel
The Cronje is ideally suited to paddlers who want to challenge big, open water by covering distance with ease. Fast lines and excellent tracking make ...

Length: 17′   Materials: Tuf-weave® Flex-Core, Flex-Core w/Kevlar®, Ultra-light w/Kevlar®.
Rock-solid stability with high capacity and good glide. The Boundary waters offers a unique blend of excellent stability and easy paddling. ...


Length: 17'   Materials: Royalex®, Tuf-weave® Flex-Core, Flex-Core w/Kevlar®, Ultra-light w/Kevlar®
Like a Swiss Army Knife, the Spirit II does everything. As efficient as a long-hulled canoe and as maneuverable as a short one, the ...


Length: 17' 1" Material: Royalex®
At just over 17 feet, the Penobscot 17 RX is a durable canoe designed to be an efficient performer. A great choice for the intermediate to experience paddler, the Penobscot has been a long-time ...


Length: 17' 2" Material: Royalex®
The 17-foot Tripper is what wilderness canoeing is all about. A high volume hull with a deep V-entry, the Tripper 172 can paddle easily with a heavy load. The shallow arch design provides exceptional ...


Length: 17' 3"   Material: Royalex®
The Mohawk Intrepids are dry, high volume canoes, with slightly arched and moderately-rockered bottoms, they are the most versatile of our canoes. Very stable and dry, they are at home running ...

Length: 17′ 3″   Materials: Kevlar®, Carbon-Tec.
If you paddle the wild places in Canada and the U.S., you will find dozens of them. That’s no accident! These canoes are ultra-light, incredibly tough and very stable. When you get ...

Length: 17′ 4″   Materials: Polyethylene
The longest canoe in the popular Penobscot series, the 174 can track and glide through the water with ease. Made from three layer polyethylene, the Penobscot 174 is built to be durable and ...


Length: 17′ 6″   Materials: Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Ultralight, Custom Kevlar®.
The Tripper's ample capacity will carry a family with kids or enough for an extended tandem wilderness trip. Versatile, fast, stable, and comfortable. ...


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