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Length: 16' 2"   Material: Royalex®
The Penobscot 16 RX is a nimble, light-footed, amazingly durable canoe designed for the intermediate to experienced paddler. With a sharp entry and a straight keel line this canoe is designed for ...


Length: 16' 3"   Material: Royalex®
The Charles River 16 RX is a modern classic. This canoe features great design lines with an innovative hull design. The RX stands for Royalex®. This material allows us to construct a durable yet ...


Length: 16′ 3"   Materials: Kevlar, Expedition
Whether you plan to portage for weeks on end or just paddle around the lake by the cottage, the Prospector may be the only canoe you’ll ever want. An incredibly well rounded canoe, it has a ...


Length: 16' 4"   Material: Polyethylene
The Penobscot’s nearly plumb ends, shallow arch bottom and slight rocker have made it a sleek, nimble tripping canoe for solo or tandem paddlers. Made from three layer polyethylene, the ...


Length: 16' 6"   Material: Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Ultralight
Load it up with 1300 lbs of gear and you will have 7” of freeboard. The MacKenzie 16.5 works great with an outboard in the 2 to 3HP range. It’s a natural with an electric ...


Length: 16’ 6”    Materials: Fiberglass, Aramid, Carbon
This boat has won the praise of many paddlers for its excellent handling characteristics and rightfully so. It's ideal as a family canoe for day-tripping or short weekend ...


Length: 16’ 6”    Materials: Kevlar®, Carbon/Kevlar, Light Carbon/Kevlar, Expedition, TexTreme Carbon Layups
The Deep Creek's traditional hull design is very stable and maneuverable while still being fairly efficient to paddle and ...


Length: 16’ 6”   Material: TuffStuff Expedition
One of the most outstanding wild rivers in Canada is the namesake for Nova Craft’s new expedition canoe, the Moisie. It’s an incredible tripping canoe for modern day explorers who want to ...

Length: 16' 6"    Materials: Royalex®, Tuf-weave® Flex-Core, Flex-Core w/Kevlar®, Ultra-light w/Kevlar®, Graphite Ultra-light
A short, responsive, yet fast tandem that's solo friendly. Redesigned in 2009, reshaping the bow and ...


Length: 16’ 7”    Materials: Polyethylene
The spacious 167 is versatile and stable, with more speed and capacity than the Journey 156 for longer trips on bigger water with bigger loads yet also paddles very well when unloaded. The tough ...


Length: 16’ 8"  Materials: Expedition Kevlar, Kevlar Fusion, Carbon Fusion. The Composite Dumoine is a favorite among Swift staff members to paddle and to trip with. Designer John Winters refers to it as the modern Prospector. It has all the outstanding ...

Length: 16' 9"  Materials: Polyethylene
At nearly 17 feet, the Discovery 169 is the longest in the Discovery series. Designed to go long distances, the Discovery 169 performs efficiently even when it is loaded with gear. The three layer ...


Length: 17'    Material: Aluminum
Created by - and for - hunters and fisherman, this rugged performer marries a triple keel for superior tracking with integrated hydrodynamic side sponsons to deliver remarkable stability along with an ...


Length: 17'    Materials: Royalex
Light and maneuverable, the square stern Cargo was designed for carrying large loads to remote wilderness destinations. Cargo’s versatility as a hunting and fishing canoe is enhanced by its ...

Length: 17′    Materials: Fiberglass, TuffStuff, TuffStuff Expedition, Aramid Lite, Blue Steel
If you want a canoe that will handle a month’s worth of supplies to head out on a wilderness adventure, this canoe is for you. In the ...

Length: 17'    Materials: Fiberglass, Custom Kevlar®, Ultralight
The 17′ Jensen Recreation is the lightest tandem Jensen cruising canoe. At 58 pounds in fiberglass, it is stable and makes an excellent boat for the beginner day ...


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