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Length: 16′    Material: Fiberglass
A stable canoe with excellent maneuverability in smaller streams; popular with fishermen.


Length: 16'   Materials: Aluminum, PVC coated polyester
The PakCanoe 160 is considered by outfitters to be the best all-around canoe, with or without a load of gear. It can carry two people and all your gear for a two- to three-week wilderness ...


Length: 16′   Material: Kevlar®
A stable canoe with excellent maneuverability in smaller streams; popular with fishermen.


Length: 16′   Material: Polyethylene
The versatile canoe choice for getting started; great for sportsmen, families or as a second canoe, the Adventure 16 is an amazing value. The multi-chine shallow arch hull design provides smooth tracking and ...


Length: 16′   Material: Polyethylene
At 16’ the Guide 160 is known for its durability. This popular canoe features a unique cross-section and stabilizing chines which allow the Guide to deliver exceptional stability. Its sharp entry provides a ...


Length: 16′   Material: Royalex®
or the family, the Camper may just be the best all-around canoe available. Engineered for the kind of performance that allows parents and kids alike to feel at ease, the Camper is a general purpose canoe that is ...


Length: 16′   Materials: Tuf-weave® Flex-Core, Flex-Core w/Kevlar®, Ultra-light w/Kevlar®, Graphite Ultra-light
If your sporting plans call for a lot of gear, tackle, decoys, and a dog, the Kingfisher is your canoe. It's a great boat for catching ...


Length: 16′   Materials: Fiberglass, TuffStuff, TuffStuff Expedition, Aramid Lite, Blue Steel While it still looks like a traditional canoe from every angle, it has an asymmetrical hull that improves speed. There is little rocker along the keel, which ...

Length: 16′   Materials: Fiberglass, TuffStuff, TuffStuff Expedition, Aramid Lite, Blue Steel Nova Craft has painstakingly reproduced the lines of the original Pal to provide today’s paddlers with the opportunity to own one of the best general-purpose ...

Length: 16′   Materials:Fiberglass, TuffStuff, TuffStuff Expedition, Aramid Lite, Blue Steel 
The Workhorse of the Canadian north, the Prospector 16’ feels most at home loaded with gear on a remote wilderness lake or river. While it is ...

Length: 16'  Materials: Polyethylene
Quick responsive hull for all water conditions, prospector hull design for open and moving water, ideal canoe for longer trips.


Length: 16'  Materials:Materials Royalex®, Tuf-weave® Flex-Core, Flex-Core w/Kevlar®, Ultra-light w/Kevlar®
The original Prospector was a river-running boat known as the work horse of the North. This proven down river hull is our version of ...


Length: 16'  Materials: T-Formex,Tuf-weave® Flex-Core, Flex-Core w/Kevlar®, Ultra-light w/Kevlar®
For exploring, fishing, day-tripping with your family, and paddling on smaller rivers and streams, we designed the Aurora. The Aurora is a ...


Length: 16' 2"    Material: T-Formex
Designed for canoe camping, the Avalon is extremely quick, light and easy to maneuver. It is built for those paddlers who occasionally face rapids.Its design ensures straight tracking and allows ...

Length: 16' 2"   Material: Royalex®
The Mohawk Intrepids are dry, high volume canoes, with slightly arched and moderately-rockered bottoms, they are the most versatile of our canoes. Very stable and dry, they are at home running ...

Length: 16' 2"   Material:
This boat does it all. A tandem canoe designed to perform well in whitewater and flatwater. Suitable for extended trips and up to class III whitewater. With deep ends and slight rocker, this boat paddles ...

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