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Length: 13' 2"   
A flat bottomed boat, with softened chines. Highly rockered for quick turns, higher volume for added dryness, easy to paddle. Designed by Bob Connolly.

Length: 13' 2"   
A flatter bottomed version of the Reaktor. Highly rockered with "cab forward" design. More rocker in bow, rather than stern. Very responsive. Current state of the art slalom canoe.

Length: 13' 2"   
Wider variation of the original Kyote, which is no longer made. Stable, dry and fast. Slalom or Cruising.

Length: 13' 2"    Material: Kevlar®
A highly responsive and predictable solo play-boat for whitewater enthusiasts of all skill levels. The graceful styling and balanced design features of the Shaman deliver a surprising range of ...


Length: 13' 2"   
Flattish shallow arch hull. Extreme rocker with "cab forward" design. Very responsive. This was a breakthrough in slalom canoe design.

Length:  14′    Materials: Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Ultralight, Kevlar®/Duraflex
Responsive and seaworthy in grade II and III whitewater.


Length: 14'   Materials: Aluminum, PVC coated polyester The PakCanoe 140 is a solo canoe for small to medium size paddlers who do not need to pack a large amount of gear and supplies. Very nimble in tight places, it is excellent for small creeks ...


Length: 14’   Materials: Fiberglass, Ultralight
The Packer is a delight to paddle, even when you don’t have a destination in mind.


Length: 14'    Materials: Standard Fiberglass, Deluxe Fiberglass, FAKX Fiberglass/Kevlar, Kevlar/Epoxy
Round bottom, no tumblehome, good capacity, tracks well, fast, excellent glide.


Length: 14′   Materials: Royalex, Royalite
The Solo is Mohawk’s compact, light and strikingly-beautiful canoe with a tucked in center section and detailed lines molded into the bow and stern. A real joy on small, twisty creeks the Solo ...

Length: 14'    Materials: Carbon-fiber, Kevlar, Wood
A solo canoe designed by Randy Pew for the most demanding paddlers, the Baboosic is quick, agile and, capable of performing even the most intricate maneuvers. The Baboosic is ...


Length: 14’ 2”   
The Mohawk Odyssey’s functional styling combines flared-sides for a dryer ride and exceptional final stability. A tuck-in narrows the center section to make solo paddling easier on the upper body. The Mohawk Odyssey 14 canoe is nimble ...

Length: 14' 3"   Materials: Cloth/foam core

Length: 14’ 6"    Materials: Tuf-weave® Flex-Core,Flex-Core w/Kevlar®, Ultra-light w/Kevlar®, Graphite Ultra-light
This small, responsive, solo hull will take you out on smaller rivers and streams, and bring your adventurous spirit back ...


Length: 14' 6"   Materials: Tuf-weave® Flex-Core, Flex-Core w/Kevlar®, Ultra-light w/Kevlar®, Graphite Ultra-light
The Argosy is made for solo exploration of rivers and streams, whether paddling the Missouri River at dawn or ...


Length:  14’ 9”   Materials: Wood, Epoxy The Sliver is a unique blend of speed and responsiveness coupled with a lightweight design for ease of portage. The Sliver maneuvers easily and glides well. A long established favorite of the ...


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