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Tell us about your canoe trips! Send us your story–we want to hear about your best trip, your worst portage, your favorite campsite, tell us all about it.

A description of your trip, as detailed as you like: was it long or short, easy or grueling, river or lake travel? Any unforgettable moments? Here are a few things we’d like to know about your trip:

  • Location— where did you paddle? If possible, tell us which park, river, or stream, your route, etc.
  • Time spent— how many days were you out? Can you tell us about your trip day-by-day, or talk about how long it took to get from point-to-point during your trip?
  • Level of difficulty— was this a trip you would recommend to a new paddler, or is it only for the seasoned canoeist? Would you consider yourself an advanced paddler or a beginner? What did this journey teach you?
  • Everything else— was it fun? Did you see wildlife? How was the fishing? We want to hear it all!

Check out Trip Logs submitted by Users > will review all submissions prior to posting, and the copyright for all material posted remains with the author. We reserve the right to accept or reject all submissions and edit as we see fit. Please send us your Trip Logs, up to 2,000 words in length, as Microsoft Word documents, with 3-5 pictures in Jpeg format (optional). By submitting a trip log you are authorizing to publish your text and photos on our web site. We will notify you via email if your story is chosen to appear on the site.

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