Savage River Wee Lassie

Length: 11’ 6”   Materials:Kevlar®, Carbon/Kevlar, TexTreme Carbon Layups

Quiet, serene, solo paddling in those hard to get to places is where the Wee Lassie excels. This canoe is a modified version of an old Henry Rushton design, which is configured with a low seat and paddled with a double bladed paddle. It also can be paddled in the kneeling position as a free style canoe. The short length and narrow slight V-bottom hull makes this an ideal canoe for shallow, twisty streams and rivers. Flared sides give it good final stability and make it very seaworthy on larger bodies of water with wind and waves. With our light lay-ups, this boat is probably the lightest canoe made and makes it a joy to portage and paddle. If you enjoy exploring places where most canoes cannot go, try the Wee Lassie. Also can be used as a free style canoe.


Length – 11’ 6”
4” Waterline – 24.5”
Max. Width – 27”
Gunwale Width – 27”
Height – 13”/10”/13”

Kevlar 17 lb.
Carbon/Kevlar 13 lb.
TexTreme Carbon Layups (Price Varies)



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