Nova Craft Cronje Canoe in Aramid Lite

Swift and Strong – announcing a new ultralite expedition canoe from Nova Craft

Nova Craft Canoe specializes in traditional designs built with the newest technologies available. Favored by world paddling champions and nationally renowned canoe adventurers — Nova Crafts are seen everywhere from leisurely paddles to extreme expeditions.

Tradition with a techie twist

You may have heard of the Cronje — originally designed by the Chestnut Canoe Company to be a fast, reliable canoe for covering distance with ease. Now, Nova Craft Canoe introduces the first ever Cronje in Aramid Lite, a new material that has considerable longevity and increased structural strength.

The Cronje is ideally suited to paddlers who want to challenge big, open water, with fast lines and excellent tracking, it will be a joy to use. While it is built for speed, we can see that they did not skimp on room for cargo, and the canoe reportedly handles well — both loaded and empty. A lower profile means less wind drag on the water and lower weight on the portage trail.

When every pound counts.

The combination of high-tech Aramid Lite and traditional design construction yields a canoe that’s fast and smooth, as well as extremely durable and light-weight.

At only 42 pounds, this boat seats two people, and weighs less than most solo canoes!

Tim Miller, President of Nova Craft, says, “The Aramid Lite Cronje fills the need for an ultra-lite expedition canoe for the portager.”

Customer kudos:

“In the summer I am a back country ranger in the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. I paddle the Cronje on patrol over Leigh Lake which is a three by three mile lake in the back country at the mouth of two steep canyons.

The top of those canyons is 12,000 feet and wind out of the West can come up at very high speed with very little notice. The Cronje sheds the wind better than any tandem canoe I have used and tracks nicely with the speed sufficient to get our work done in a timely fashion. Sometimes we have to be somewhere fast and the Cronje gets that done better than any other canoe we have used. A very nice workhorse lake canoe with nice style making it fun to work in and with. You have a satisfied customer in the Tetons who shows your wares off daily to the various campers in back country sites that we patrol by water. So many other boats going slowly or getting blown around.

Just one Cronje getting there safely, on time and with style. Nice!”

Find out more at Nova Craft Canoe >


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