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New from Bending Branches: Black Pearl II

In the tradition of Bending Branches’ best-selling Black Pearl all-carbon canoe paddle comes the Black Pearl II.

The Black Pearl II (released September 1, 2017) is designed for touring and expedition canoeists looking for high performance, low swing weight, a comfortable hold and years of worry-free durability.

The Black Pearl II is an excellent evolution of its predecessor. I am a huge fan of bent shaft paddles for flat water expeditions and fell in love with the Black Pearl II instantly. I took it out to the White Shell Provincial Park and spent the day paddling into headwinds and cold temperatures all while pushing the paddle as best I could to preform. I love this paddle!

(Garrett Fache, photographer & film maker, Wild House Media)

The ovalized shaft is 100% aviation-grade carbon with an 11º bend for ultra-efficiency. The contoured palm grip provides excessive comfort.

The 105-square inch blade is constructed of foam core carbon and has nylon-weave reinforced edge protection to take years of abuse on rocks and other debris.

The Black Pearl II is a mere 15 ounces, ensuring hours of paddling with less fatigue. This is Bending Branches’ lightest canoe paddle. It gives you the easiest, most effortless paddle stroke possible when you’re touring.

This paddle is available in five different lengths, in 2-inch increments from 48-56 inches. MSRP: $249.95.

The Black Pearl II is strong, and light and powerful. I have to admit, my training regimen leading up to the Adirondack Canoe Classic was not what I wanted it to be, but after 90 miles at race pace over three days I still felt like I could keep going and I didn’t even have a blister. I really enjoy this paddle!

                       (Karrie Thomas, Executive Director of Northern Forest Canoe Trail)

Karrie Thomas, Executive Director of Northern Forest Canoe Trail, uses the new Black Pearl II in the 90-Miler 3-day paddling race. (photo courtesy of Karrie Thomas)


Email or call Bending Branches Wisconsin-based Customer Service Team to learn more: 715-755-3405

Materials: Carbon
The Black Pearl II is our lightest canoe paddle for expert canoeists that appreciate lightweight and durability. 100% carbon grip, shaft, and blade to make ...


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