Camp Stoves

Compact, single-burner camp stoves cook food efficiently without sacrificing portability. Many fold, disassemble or are small enough to fit in cooksets. Canister and liquid fuel burning stoves are most common. Canister stoves burn prefilled butane, isobutane, propane or blended fuel cartridges that typically screw into the burner to become the base of the stove. Some attach by a fuel line. Liquid gas stoves feature free standing burners with integrated fuel tanks or fuel lines that attach to reusable fuel bottles. They most commonly burn white gas, gasoline, diesel or kerosene; many have the ability to burn multiple fuels. For canoeists that prefer not to carry fuel, twig burning stoves provide a great alternative.

Shop Canister Stoves for Canoe Camping

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Easy to use and requiring little maintenance, these camp stoves are great for shorter 3-season trips and trips where stove use complements cooking over a fire.

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Twig burning stoves allow canoeists to travel light. No need to carry fuel or collect as much firewood as a typical campfire requires.

Liquid Gas Camp Stoves

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The most reliable stoves for cold weather and rough conditions, these ultralight stoves are best for long trips or when cooking over a fire is limited.
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