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Light up your campsite with the tough, water-resistant UCO Pika 3-in-1 rechargeable lantern. It doubles as a flashlight and delivers up to 150 lumens in a lightweight, 4 oz. package.  


Compacts down to 2.5 in. height for easy storage during backpacking trips; weighs just 4.2 oz. with 2 tea light candles (included)  


The lightweight, compact Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry lantern puts out a bright beam that's easy on the eyes—perfect for around camp or inside your tent.


Hang this compact light from your tent ridgeline or lay it flat on the ground or camp table for a continuous warm glow of illumination in the backyard or backcountry.


Enjoy the soft glow of candlelight on your outings with the Uco Original Candle Lantern kit. The kit includes the lantern, a clip-on reflector and protective neoprene case.  


Cast a broad swath of light from almost anywhere. Pack the innovative UCO Alki Lantern + Flashlight when you need a versatile, lightweight, compact source of light to illuminate your adventures.  


With a collapsible silicone globe and 3 LED bulbs, this water-resistant lantern sheds warm 100-lumen light for finding your way around camp and has a built-in amber night-light setting.  


Projecting an up to a very impressive 400 lumens of light, the Night Ize Radiant 400 LED lantern handily illuminates your campsite, cabin or tent.


The versatile Nite Ize MoonLit LED Micro Lantern has a carabiner clip at the top so you can securely clip and hang it, providing ambient hands-free lighting just about anywhere.  


This Coleman Dual-Fuel 2-Mantle lantern runs on either unleaded gasoline or white gas, making refills more convenient.  


The lightweight MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 inflatable solar lantern brings the sun's energy and light into your camp at night with an efficient solar panel that provides up to 18 hours of illumination.  


The family-sized UCO Candlelier candle lantern burns 3 candles for extra bright light. It's great for camping, picnics or power outages.


With no need for replacement batteries, the LuminAID PackLite Max USB solar inflatable lantern is the perfect all-purpose lantern to light up your campsite or supplement your emergency kit.


Base of lantern has 2 integrated USB ports: one input for recharging the lantern in just 3.5 hrs., and one output for charging small electronic devices.  


Shed some light on your camp after the sun sets. The Brila Mini Lantern from Ultimate Survival Technologies offers up to 14 hours of bright LED light in a small, sturdy, camp-friendly design.  


USB rechargeable, dimmable and IPX7 waterproof, the Lighthouse Micro electric lantern is the perfect companion for the weight-conscious adventure and pairs perfectly with Goal Zero Nomad solar panels.  


The Lighthouse Mini offers dimmable, dual LED light in a compact, portable design for your campsite.  


QuadPower LED, dual reflectors and optimized frosted globe evenly distribute light, making it ideal for cooking, gearing up before dawn or swapping beta after a long day out.  


All prices are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, subject to change, see manufacturer web site for details. Prices listed in U.S. Dollars.
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