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The Squid Lightweight Boat Anchor is made with sturdy mesh and hard flukes. Fill it with rocks, gravel or sand for weight. When you're through anchoring, just empty the bag, rinse and stow.


A heavy sturdy mesh bag with handles. You tie a rope through the handles, fill the bag with rocks, and the handles help hold the rocks in the bag. The Anchor Bag drags on the bottom of the lake or stream. The weight of the rocks keep you from drifting when fishing. Remove the rocks and ...


Very heavy duty mesh anchor bag. This material is really tough - it won't shred when your anchor rock smashes into lake bottom boulders. Two sturdy nylon loops to secure anchor rope and keep rock from falling out.


The Chinook Outdoor Gear Dropin'-Out Anchor Rope bag is a high quality durable anchor bag made specifically for fishing on Northwest rivers for the largest of Northwest fish. Whether you are fishing for oversized sturgeon, salmon or steelhead. This bag allows you to quickly drop your ...


Guide tested and constructed of stiff durable polyethylene. Just add rocks, tie rope to the attached ring and drop off near your favorite fishing hole! Folds flat in pack or use it to store and dry gear!


A sand anchor is ideal for anchoring PWCs in shallow water to keep the impeller off the beach. Fill this super durable tri-laminate anchor bag with up to 35 pounds of rocks or sand. A buoy marks the anchor's location. Tie-ups are easy with the 6-foot long rope and the oversized ...


Constructed of durable reinforced PVC/polyester tri-laminate. Simply fill it with rocks or sand and drop it into the water. The buoy has a convenient mesh compartment inside for stowing slack from the 20 foot long rope.


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