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It's SPF-40 sunscreen, good for your gear. 303's protective formula is designed to slow or stop ultraviolet damage. This water-based formula protects and restores color to gel coat, skin coat and Royalex hulls. Essential for boats stored outside. 303 works well on plastics, ...

Resurrect the shine of your canoe's gelcoat with 3M Marine Color / Gloss Restorer. This compound / polish combines an exceptionally fast cutting compound with a finishing material in one. It removes light to heavy oxidation, minor scratches and stains.


A penetrating flexible finish formulated to enhance and protect wood decks, trim and gunwales. Easy to apply, long lasting, prevents UV degredation, and retards mildew. Natural color to protect woodwork.


Fix deep gel coat scratches, nicks and gouges on your canoe or kayak. Leaving it thread-bare can lead to more serious problems. This NWC kit consists of the highest quality polyester marine gel coat, supplies and instructions to help you make a professional looking repair.


Make a permanent structurally sound repair to your fiberglass or Kevlar composite canoe or kayak. This kit is designed to mend punctures, tears or stress fractures, golfball-size to football-size.


A flexible epoxy resin system makes our Royalex Repair Kit perfect for repairing ABS hulls - flex, elasticity, elongation... whatever name you want to use, it mimicks the physical properties of your vinyl-skinned ABS canoe hull.


Finally, right-sized felts for the knife-like entry of your fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon composite canoe. Sleek 32 x 3 inch Kevlar felts packaged with a two-part marine epoxy resin system will protect your canoe, solo or tandem.


LiveryTough skid plates cover any hull in need of serious protection, ideal for rental canoes, whitewater boaters and backcountry travelers. Get the same two-part resin system used in our Tandem / Universal Skid Plate kit, but with larger 44 x 7 inch Kevlar felts and extra resin.


Apply tough Kevlar felts with a two-part resin system formulated to withstand abrasion and impact. Skid plates, some paddlers refer to them as bang plates, extend the life of your canoe.


A tough, formable patch that excels in repairing breaks, cracks, and holes on almost any hard, non-porous surface or provides protection for your equipment that is tough against impact and abrasion.


Fills in scratches and surface cracks on composite canoes or kayaks. These colors are matched to our composite canoe colors only.


This convenient kit includes materials needed to repair damage to composite canoes or kayaks that has caused structural failure to the laminate but has not resulted in complete penetration.


Touch up the surface of your polyethylene or Royalex boat. Kit includes: repair material, adhesive and finishing solution, wood stir stick, 2" paint brush, sandpaper and complete instructions.


Convenient kit contains everything you need to fill and repair scratches, gouges and surface cracks, and is ideal for use on Royalex canoes. Also use to repair wood gunwales.


Made of Kevlar, our skid plates protect your new canoe or help to restore the worn out ends of your older canoe. Kit contains 2 skid plates, one for each end of your canoe, a two-part polyurethane resin system, Kevlar felt, sand paper and instructions.


Liquid G/flex® Epoxy Adhesive in kit form. Two 4 oz. bottles of resin and hardener, complete instructions and application supplies. Waterproof, flexible repairs on plastics, fiberglass, wood, etc.


Super sticky duct tape! This stuff will repair anything even if it's wet. Repair your gear and equipment fast while you're on trail. Patch holes in your canoe. Our Boat Tape could be a trip saver!


This two-part methacrylate adhesive is used for filling and sealing scratches and gouges in three layer polyethylene and Oltonar/Royalex canoes and kayaks.


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