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Easily transport loaded canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and more on the Seattle Sports All-Terrain cart. It has a 300 lb. load capacity and flat-free tires to get your craft right to the water's edge.


Lightweight, tough and compact, the ingenious Quantum boat cart makes transporting your watercraft to and from the water a pleasure.


A heavy duty canoe/kayak cart now is available with 16" tires for even rougher surfaces and higher clearance. Still with it's no-axle design, foldability, and constructed from aircraft aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Kickstand balances cart while loading. Strap your boat on ...


This canoe and kayak cart with it's no axle design provides high clearance, is foldable, and is constructed from aircraft aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Kickstand balances kart while loading. Strap your boat on and easily push or pull your craft. Spoked inflatable 12" tires.


Fits over 90% of canoe designs. It is generally used for canoes weighing under 75 lbs. The cart handles rough terrain and short distance over sand and gravel. This canoe cart has 10 inch wheels and weighs 4.5 lbs. Frame size 11 x 18.5. Standard 2 Wheel Canoe Cart. F1310 g1510


Roll the boat upright or inverted to load your vehicle. Makes even the heaviest boat transportable by one person. Fits most canoes with an adjustable strap and one Fastex Buckle. Weighs just a few pounds. Wheels can be quickly removed and stored. Secure fit on boat, and will not mar hull ...


Fat Boy has an extra-wide frame of 20” inner dimension while upright tubing extends from 12” to 18”. Store this cart by pulling a hairpin cotter to remove the 10” x 4” pneumatic tires and fold the frame, which also floats for convenience.


This innovative and easy-to-use portable kayak cart holds your boat securely, even when portaging down a bumpy trail. Can be used for unloaded canoes up to 80 lb.


Now with 20” Spoked Bicycle Wheels. Pull your canoe or kayak with one hand. Consists a two wheeled cart that supports the weight of the boat. The width of the padded cart is adjusted one time to fit your canoe or kayak.


The TurboMite has a beefy 25mm aluminum frame and is a great cart for recreational users. Meant for pavement, beach, and groomed trails, the small profile of this cart makes it easy to stow in most kayak holds or hulls, and the bearingless air wheels offer hassle-free performance. ...


The Original Large, which fits most canoes, is one of our most popular carts. Its heavy-duty frame has an inner dimension of 17", while its upright tubes use snap buttons that extend from 10-17". It carries up to 200 pounds and folds for compact storage.


Brought back by popular demand, the Deluxe is wider than most center carts, providing a super-stable loading platform. A double leg kickstand aids in loading and unloading. Pneumatic rubber air-filled wheels slide on and off easily with quick-flip keeper pins. Collapsible folding frame ...


This heavy-duty cart is as tough and rugged as the name sounds. Combining air-less, hassle-free, leak-free wheels with a super heavy-duty frame design that offers superior load capacity and eliminates failure points, the Extremo can take the abuse of heavy loads and pitted paths. 250lb ...


The Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Cart can haul canoes or kayaks up to 200 lbs. The Clipper cart fits under the center of your boat using tie-down straps to hold it in place. Large airless "Never-Go-Flat" tires keep you rolling over sand and rocks without hesitation, while the kickstand ...


The NRS Yak Yak XL is the big brother to the NRS Yak Yak. It gives you the same lightweight boat-hauling performance with a wider footprint for better stability with larger, heavier hulls.


This heavy-duty cart is perfect for larger and heavier canoes and kayaks or for use in rough terrain. The hull center balances on the cart for good weight distribution. Kickstand keeps cart in place while loading.


The Harmony Kayak and Canoe Cart makes transporting your boat easy! It's easy to assemble and it's compact folding design makes for convenient storage.


This cart is tough, durable, corrosion and UV resistant. It collapses down to easily store in a canoe. Wheels are 16″x4″ with polyethylene rims. Wheels are large enough to roll over large rocks and roots. Tube type tires will not roll off the rim if pressure is reduced for soft terrain. ...


All prices are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, subject to change, see manufacturer web site for details. Prices listed in U.S. Dollars.
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