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Type: Removable Blade Saw
As pull saws go, the Exchange-A-Blade is the ultimate in versatility. The interchangeable blades are sharp, durable, and designed with purpose. The coarse blade is ideal for wood, the fine blade for bone. Replacement blades are available ...


Type: Folding Camp Saw
Clip it to your belt, attach it to a lanyard or stuff it in your pack, the compact Silky 170 folding saw offers extraordinary cutting capacity. It's great for camping or pruning backyard fruit trees.


Type: Folding Camp Saw
The Silky Gomboy Curve folding hand saw is perfect for general pruning, camping, backpacking and trail building. It's so handy you'll want to have it around for daily projects and evening campfires.


Type: Folding Camp Saw
The Silky F180 folding hand saw is the ideal portable saw for campfire wood and on-the-go trail work. It conveniently locks at two different angles to adapt to any situation.


Type: Folding Saw
The Silky Bigboy 2000 folding saw cuts through both green and dry wood with ease thanks to its 14.2 in. curved blade and 2-handed, rubber-cushioned handle.


Type: Full Stroke Folding Saw
This portable, 21 in. Sven folding saw is ideal for light woodcutting chores.


Type: Flexible Camp Saw
Whether you're cutting kindling at the campsite or pruning branches in the backyard, the SaberCut™ saw slices through wood with ease.


Type: Folding Camp Saw
Carefully designed, the Myth Folding saw has a functional design that proves its versatility. The 6 inch dual edge blade works through bones, antlers, and wood alike with both fine and coarse teeth. Discreetly folded away when not in use, a ...


Type: Retractable Camp Saw
Perfect for those hard to reach branches, this tool is designed with lashing holes for extended reach when needed and safe storage when not. A 6.5 inch high carbon SK5 blade features serrations perfect for chomping wood, the compact ...


Type: Folding Camp Saw
Safe, lightweight and compact. Outdoorsman looking to lighten their load will appreciate this lightweight folding saw. The blade is removable for easy cleaning and replacement blades are available. Imported


Type: Retractable Saw
With a coarse blade that's a natural for cutting wood. Retract the saw blade completely inside the rugged handle, with a clean sliding action. Cut up to 1/3 faster than ordinary saws of this size. A handier, more efficient saw simply ...


Type: Folding Camp Saw
Folding camp saw with a 4116 stainless steel blade, push/pull saw teeth, injection molded composite with rubber gripping inlays, finger grooves, button locks the blade into the open/closed position, nylon sheath included.


Type: Folding Camp Saw
Great for the backcountry or around home, the Silky Pocketboy 130 is a compact, lightweight folding saw that takes up little room in your pack, tool box, glove box or even your own pocket.


Type: Full Stroke Folding Saw
The ultimate pocket saw for the outdoors and around the home. Never needs sharpening! Safe One-Touch Lock System - Blade locks open for safe use. Comfortable and ergonomic grip with slip-resistant handles. Blade folds into the handle ...


Type: Full Stroke Folding Saw
This portable, 15 in. Sven folding saw is ideal for light woodcutting chores.


Type: Full Stroke Folding Saw
The modern interpretation of the traditional collapsible saw, this version adds advanced design and materials. Every component is made of durable stainless steel, save for the handle that is upgraded with the secure Gator Grip.


Type: Full Stroke Folding Saw
This sheathed, packable field saw offers the ultimate in versatility. The collapsible frame format is ideal for long days in the field, and the added wing nut securement ensures your blade stays put. With a bone saw, a wood saw, and ...


Type: Full Stroke Folding Saw
Portable. Safe. Functional. This innovative saw folds up flat for transport and utilizes 4 pivot points upon release to create a secure handle grip and 12 inch cutting surface. Bright green accents are easy to spot at the campsite, ...


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