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The Grilliput Duo is lightweight and assembles quickly. Use it to grill over a fire and cook enough food for 2–3 people. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it’s beefy, beautiful, easy to clean and deconstructs like a minimalist’s dream. It comes apart in seconds; all pieces fit ...


The Snow Peak Grill Stainless Pro Half replaces your grill on your Snow Peak Barbecue or use it for cooking over campfire coals.


Made in the USA from US steel, the Streamside Traveler provides a lightweight, sturdy and durable compact grill for groups of one to four or five. The Purcell Trench Streamside Traveller is suitable for burgers, fish, veggies and small items on stainless steel mesh.


Popular with canoe, backpack, kayak, bike, equestrian, motorcycle, and ATV travellers, this tough, lightweight grill is suitable for medium sized pots, pans and skillet, or for broiling larger vegetables and firm meats (steaks, chops) directly over coals.


The Voyageurs Grill was initially designed to meet the needs of backcountry canoe travellers. However, like the Travelers Grill, it has been embraced by campers of all persuasions.


The Streamside Voyageurs Grill is superior for burgers, fish and small vegetables. Initially designed to meet the needs of backcountry canoe travellers the Streamside Voyageurs grill has been embraced by campers of all persuasions.


Sturdy steel cooking surface has separate grilling and pot support zones allow for multi-course cooking and grilling. Heavy-duty, two-zone, welded steel grill.


A nice folding grill when space and weight is not a concern. Thinner gauge metal saves on weight and price, but does not compromise overall quality. Chrome plated steel construction. Legs fold for storage.


Four heavy-duty support bars hold cook sets, pots and pans without warping. Crossbars are spaced close for cooking directly on the grill. Permanently attached and rigidly braced legs fold flat for storage.


This strong grate is perfect for campers and canoeists who want the benefits of a sturdy camp grill without the added weight of the legs. Heavy steel bars are chrome plated for durability.


This cooking wire grill measures 23-1/2" x 12-1/4". It features a heavy gauge wire construction with durable plated finish and fold-away legs to allow flat storage. The staggered wire spacing on top allows for smaller items, such as hot dogs to be cooked directly on the grill without ...


Folds flat for easy storage or packing. Made from a chrome plated steel construction.


Folds flat for easy storage or packing. Made from a nickel-plated steel construction.


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