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Top notch paddling gear is only helpful when you can find your way to the water and back again. A good map and compass are essential tools for successful canoeing, and GPS units and mapping software make it easy to double check your navigation or track your route. Take the time to shop and compare navigation tools so you can find your way once you’re on the water.

Compasses for Canoe Camping


Translate the map in front of you into the landscape before you with these reliable compasses.

Canoeing Maps Fisher Maps Boundary Waters Maps

Shop Maps and Map Software

Find tried-and-true canoeing maps specific to your destination or create custom maps using GPS or PC-compatible mapping software.

GPS for Canoeing

Shop GPS Units

Use GPS with map and compass by pinpointing your location, plotting navigation and keeping track of your route.

Map Cases for Canoe Camping

Shop Map Cases

Even a waterproof or water resistant map needs protection from the elements. Protect yours with these quality map cases.


Popular Review: The New Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Map

Review: The New Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Map

The first thing you’ll notice about the new official Woodland Caribou Provincial Park (WCPP) map is the Adventure Map® series style/branding. For the most part, the new ...

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Making Your Own Canoe Route Maps

Making Your Own Canoe Route Maps

Making your own maps is a great way to be more involved in route planning and it improves your understanding of maps. You can spend time during the cold weather months with online ...

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