Camping Lighting: Flashlights, Headlamps and Lanterns

Waterproof or water resistant lighting is a must for canoe trips. From there, it’s all a matter of intended use. Headlamps leave hands free for cooking, reading or chores. Hand held flashlights with spot beams cast light over a longer distance. In general, lights with a flood beam and range of 20 meters will be great around the campsite, whereas a spot beam with a range of 50 meters will be better for finding your way at night or revealing curious critters around the food back. Adjustable beams provide both spot and flood light are available. For ambient light around the campsite or in the tent consider compact, durable lanterns.

Shop Flashlights

These durable flashlights are compact and come with rotary switches that are less likely to turn on in your pack during the day.

Shop Headlamps for Camping

Gone are the days when a headlamp meant a battery back attached to your hip. Check out hands free lighting in lightweight, compact packages.

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Traditional candle lanterns cast a warm glow around the campsite, and new solar powered and compact battery models provide tent-safe ambient light.
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