Camping Knives and Multi-tools

We group camping knives into four main uses: fine-edged blades for food prep, serrated knives for jobs like cutting rope or webbing, multi-use tools and Swiss Army style knives for minor repairs and odd jobs around the campsite, and rescue knives for river rescue.

Camping Knives

Camp Kitchen Knives

Thin, fine-edge fixed blade and folding knives make soft cutting and food prep a breeze.

Camping Knives Multitools


Choose from mulit-tools featuring three to thirty functions – including screwdrivers, can openers, scissors and even tweezers.

Swiss Army Style Camping Knives

Swiss Army Style

Classic Swiss Army style knives for the traditionalist camper.

Paddling Rescue Knives

Rescue Knives

Rescue knives that allow for easy one-handed opening are designed to attach to your PFD to provide quick, safe access in the event of a river rescue.
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