Insect Control

Insect control and bug protection comes in many forms, from chemical and plant-derived insect repellents to bug nets and bug jackets and insect protection clothing suitable for keeping mosquitoes, black flies, ticks and other biting insects at bay. Whether you’re paddling into the arctic or your local rivers, insect repellent will probably be part of your kit.

Natural Bug Repellents

Plant-derived natural insect repellents provide an alternative to chemical repellents but may need to be applied more frequently.

Chemical Bug Repellents DEET

Chemical Insect Repellents

Active ingredients like DEET and Picaridin provide up to nine hours of insect protection by direct application to the skin through spray or lotion formulas.

after bite insect sting relief

Bite Treatment

Insect bites are a fact of canoeing and camping life. Find relief for your itchy or painful bites with these “after bite” products.


Review: The Original Bug Shirt

Review: The Original Bug Shirt

On fourteen canoe expeditions north of sixty degrees latitude I have observed several people wearing Original Bug Shirts.  It wasn’t until my fifteenth arctic journey, on the Mara ...

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