Cookware and Utensils

Camp cookware is commonly purchased in kits, but individual pieces can also often be found through most manufacturers. Titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and anodized aluminum are all good materials. Cooksets should generally weigh 5lbs or less depending on the size of the group. Short, broad pots with rounded bottoms and corners balance well on camp stoves, create even heat distribution and make cleanup easy. Snug fitting lids boil water faster and keep ash out of food, while handles or pot grippers allow for safe handling. Cooksets should be complemented by lightweight, durable utensils and dishes.

Shop Ultralight Cooksets

Shop Ultralight Cooksets

Cooksets designed for solo campers or packing light. Perfect for “one pot” chefs, these cooksets typically cover just the essentials for groups of 1–3 people.

Shop Camping Dishes

Shop Camping Dishes

Options abound with stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, durable plastic and food grade silicone. Multipurpose, stacking or folding dishes are ideal for saving space and weight.

shop tripping cooksets

Shop Tripping/Gourmet Cooksets

For the camp chef who does more than “just add water,” these cooksets support a variety of cooking styles. Perfect for weekend getaways or extended trips.

Shop Camp Coffee Pots

Shop Coffee/Teapots/Kettles

Whether you choose ultralight materials or traditional sturdy build, a camping kettle or coffeepot can add a touch of home to your travels.

Shop Camp Utensils

Stainless steel, polycarbonate, titanium or durable nylon do the trick for cooking and eating utensils. For ultralight canoeists, folding, collapsing or nesting utensils are even better.
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