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    There are 4 road access entry points to WCPP. A couple of concerns are surfacing:
    (1) Litter – This season, there has been several reports of garbage left behind… most often after vehicles have left. Local outfitters, our park staff, or other visits are left to clean up the mess. We encourage everyone to “Pack out what they Pack in”. It is a simple rule. We also ask that you bear-proof your vehicle prior to leaving town at the start of your drive to the entry point. This is bear country. Bears do visit the entry points and if rewarded for their efforts, will make a point of visiting regularly. Worst, if there is something left in the vehicles worth getting at, they may cause considerable damage to your vehicle and/or the vehicle parked next to you to gain access. Not what you want to come back to.
    (2) Camping – at an entry point. Parking sites have been created to accommodate vehicles. As per the signs on site, camping at these locations is not permitted. Furthermore, camping in these areas by non-residents of Canada is unlawful as they are in Green Zones. Please respect the rules and make your first portage before considering pitching your tent for the night.

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