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Materials: Wood, Carbon, Fiberglass
The Bending Branches Sunburst canoe paddle combines years of wood-crafting artistry with state of the art composite technology that makes this our lightest canoe paddle. The Sunburst’s blade is a striking combination of red alder ...


Materials: Wood
The Sawyer Manta Double Bend Canoe Paddle effortlessly glides through the water like the image of its namesake. The double bend shaft eases the flex on the lower wrist, while the double scoop dihedral blade delivers a clean, powerful catch. The ...


Materials: Fiberglass, Fiberglass Fibrlite™
If you prefer the "hit and switch" method of paddling, then a bent shaft paddle is for you. With 10 inches of adjustability you can go solo, paddle stern or bow, and if you can let go of it long enough, share it with ...


Materials: Wood
The BB Special has a bent shaft for a more efficient paddle stroke on flat water, letting you go further with less muscle fatigue. This paddle has a seven-laminate blade that is handcrafted of basswood, maple and red alder, and is made entirely in ...


Materials: Wood, Fiberglass
The Viper is ergonomically designed with a double bend shaft to help keep both wrists aligned when paddling. This reduces fatigue and is a great benefit for wilderness tripping.The Viper’s durable blade has a 4 oz. fiberglass wrap and ...


Materials: Wood, Carbon Fiber
Grand Marais lies at the beginning of the Gunflint Trail nestled on the picturesque shoreline of Lake Superior. This design is painted on a carbon-fiber-backed, ultra-light version of our 14° Bent Shaft Gunflint model. Backing the ...


Materials: Wood, Fiberglass
Asymmetric palm grip. Oval shaft. Laminated basswood, maple, cherry and walnut. Extremely durable polyurethane tip sandwiched by fiberglass and walnut veneer, 15° bend.


Materials: Carbon Fiber, Wood
Northstar Custom Grip. Oiled instead of varnished for great control and feel. Can be sanded to customize the shape. Cedar and walnut oval shaft. Lightweight yet rigid carbon fiber blade minimizes swing weight and maximizes power ...


Materials: Wood, Carbon Fiber
Seagull Lake lies at the end of the Gunflint Trail nestled among rocky ledges and picturesque campsites. This design is painted on a carbon-fiber-backed, ultra-light version of our 14° Bent Shaft Gunflint model. Backing the blade with ...


Material: Carbon Fiber
The Black Lite Elbow is an ideal graphite bent shaft paddle for everything from recreational to performance use. This is our "everyday" paddle. If you own a composite canoe, do it justice by pairing it with a composite paddle. Guaranteed to ...


Material: Carbon Fiber
Style: Outrigger

Materials: Carbon Fiber, Wood
The Team Sawyer Race Canoe paddle is in a class of its own. The ultralight and highly maneuverable paddle becomes an extension of your body. The tapered oval carbon shaft and the all new, ultralight Ergo wooden grip lock into your ...


Materials: Wood, fiberglass
Paddlers wanting a bentshaft will soon find this the favorite of their collection. The Pacer is light because the blade is dominated by laminated cedar and strong due to the fiberglass covering and polyurethane tip. The shaft is ...


Materials: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass
The Pro Lite Elbow utilizes carbon and polyarimid fibers to make an incredibly stiff, light, and ultra-tough paddle. The stiffness and durability are immediately noticeable. The unique aesthetics of the black and yellow composite ...


Material: Wood
A superbly balanced, beautiful, and durable elbow paddle designed by Wenonah Canoe founder and owner Mike Cichanowski. This is a great paddle for all general touring uses and wilderness tripping. Laminated basswood shaft with a 8" basswood and ...


Material: Wood
This high-quality straight-shaft is an excellent all around paddle for touring and wilderness tripping for Canadian-style paddlers. It is also popular with down river and whitewater paddlers. Laminated ash and basswood shaft and a 7" cherry, ...


Materials: Carbon Fiber, Wood
Designed as the ultimate for marathon racing and high speed touring. The Leader combines technologies in a way no one else can match. The blades are solid carbon fiber over a cedar core, with a curved power face. The shaft is ...


Materials: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass
Our all new Tour Lite Elbow paddle features a carbon shaft and handle fixed to a fiberglass blade. This construction makes a great weight to price paddle. The smoke-colored blade gives the paddle a new look and readily accepts ...


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