Books and Media for Canoeing Beginners

Sometimes the best way to launch yourself into a new activity is to sit down in a comfortable chair… and read a book. We’ve taken the time to list some of what we think are the best canoeing books for the beginning paddler. We’ve got The Basics for people just getting started with canoes, Canoe Camping books for those readying for their first over-night trips, some Guide Books For That First Trip, and–to get you up out of that comfy reading chair–some books for Inspiration. We’ve also included some Magazines and DVDs you might want to check out too.

Check out the other fine Books and Media for Advanced Paddlers as well.

Introduction to Paddling: Canoeing Basics for Lakes and Rivers
American Canoe Association (Paperback – Oct 1996)
Canoeing Basics for Beginners
Ray Ovinigton (Paperback – Apr 1984)
The Basic Essentials of Canoe Paddling
Harry Roberts (Paperback – Aug 1992)
Basic Illustrated Canoeing
Cliff Jacobson (Paperback – 2008)
Basic Canoeing: All the Skills You Need to Get Started
Jon Rounds (Spiral-bound – Jan 2003)
Paddle Your Own Canoe
Robert Baden-Powell (Paperback – Sept 1995)
You, Too, Can Canoe: The Complete Book of River Canoeing
J. H. Foshee (Hardcover – June 1977)
The Canoe Handbook: Techniques for Mastering the Sport of Canoeing
Slim Ray (Paperback – Feb 1992)
Canoe Camping: An Introductory Guide
Cecil Kuhne (Paperback – Apr 1997)
Roughing It Elegantly: A Practical Guide to Canoe Camping
Patricia J. Bell (Paperback – Apr 1997)
Boundary Waters Canoe Camping, 2nd Edition
Cliff Jacobson (Spiral-bound – Jan 2003)
Canoeing: A Trailside Guide
Gordon Grant (Paperback – Feb 2003)
Canoeing: The Complete Guide to Equipment and Technique
David Harrison (Paperback – Feb 1996)
Becoming a Boundary Waters Family: Woods Wisdom Shared by the Outfitters of the Gunflint Trail
Sue Ahrendt (Paperback – 2009)
Exploring the Boundary Waters: A Trip Planner and Guide to the BWCAW
Daniel Pauly (Paperback – Apr 2005)
Paddling Northern Wisconsin: 82 Great Trips by Canoe and Kayak
Mike Svob (Paperback – Feb 2007)
Canoeing With the Cree
Eric Sevareid (Paperback – June 1968)
Distant Fires
Scott Anderson (Paperback – June 1990)
Daughter Father Canoe
Rob Kesselring (Paperback – Feb 2003)
The Singing Wilderness
Sigurd F. Olson (Paperback – Aug 1997)
Canoe & Kayak
Canoe Trips and Camping DVD
Studio: RADCO Media Inc
Chased by the Light
A Photographic Journey with Jim Brandenburg
Studio: Aurora Pictures
From Here to There Canoe Basics DVD
Studio: Paddle Films
Introduction to Canoeing DVD
Studio: RADCO Media, Inc.
Introduction to Canoe/Kayak Camping DVD
Studio: Morrall River Films
Path of the Paddle Series DVD
Studio: Whitewater Video
Paddling the Solo Canoe DVD
Studio: Quietwater Films
Paddling the Tandem Canoe DVD
Studio: Quietwater Films
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