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Canoeing.com is the Ultimate Guide to canoeing online—where to go, and what to buy.

We are building a ‘links-based’ web portal for canoe enthusiasts in North America. The web site provides rapid, up to date research on canoe tripping and wilderness camping information– destinations, how to buy a canoe and the appropriate gear–by linking users directly to the products and travel services of OEM manufacturers, outfitters and local services.

Our plan for the site is to become a vibrant and popular online community seeking passionate like-minded canoeing enthusiasts. We’d like to hear from you–where you’ve paddled and about your trip. Tell us about your gear–was it great or did you trash it? Send us your trip log, a favorite journal to share, or take advantage of our photo gallery to post those perfect pictures. Let us know if you would like to become a contributor. We’d love to hear from you.

Visit Canoeing.com often. Explore the Destination Guide, shop the Canoe and Gear Guides, tell your friends, and let us know how we can improve our web site for your next visit.

Canoeing.com is a small group of professionals–graphic designers, writers, canoe guides, photographers and programmers; all enthusiastic about being outdoors–paddling a canoe, watching a bird, venturing to a new destination, cooking over an open fire, and staying on top of the newest gear. And, we’re enthusiastic about sharing those experiences.

Canoeing.com is always growing, so check back regularly for the latest updates on our progress to becoming the ultimate guide for you.

Business Opportunities

Canoeing.com recently launched it’s online store www.ShopCanoeing.com. If you own a small or large business related to canoeing and wilderness tripping we can offer you a target market and retail outlet through our online store. There is no product too small or too large to sell online. Contact us if you would like to explore partnership sales opportunities.

Investment Opportunities

Canoeing.com unites the 24 million paddlers who spend $14.4 billion annually on gear and travel with the companies spending $42 million annually to reach them.

Canoeing.com Limited, a Minnesota “C” Corporation, owns the web portal www.canoeing.com, the online store www.shopcanoeing.com and the registered trademark Canoeing.com The Ultimate Guide®. We offer and sell advertising to OEM companies, including product link listings, banner advertising, sponsored links, pay-per-click links, and storefronts. We also sell OEM and branded merchandise from our online store ShopCanoeing.com and offer web design and hosting services.

Canoeing.com is in the process of raising mezzanine financing to capitalize and grow the business. If you, as a qualified investor, are interested in a minority position, and would like to receive a copy of our Business Plan and Subscription Materials, please contact us for this great investment opportunity.

– Timothy Eaton

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